Events for 2017-2018

All our events are open to researchers at all levels.


15th November: Working Lunch, 1-2 pm, Martin Hall, MHL.1.17A. Bring your own lunch and come to hear about this year’s Gendered Lives projects, meet other researchers, and share your research news. 

 28th November: PGR Training Session ‘Developing Your CV: The 5-Year Plan’ with Jennifer Cooke, Catherine Armstrong, and Marsha Meskimmon, 3-4 pm, RADAR Project Space, Edward Barnsley. If you are a postgrad or a postdoc this is the session for you. Catherine, Jennifer and Marsha will offer advice about building a CV and research profile, and answer any questions you have about trying to plan for your research future, and give a view from the other side of the interview table. 


14th March: Working Lunch, 1-2 pm, Martin Hall, MHL.0.07. Please note this event has been cancelled due to the on-going industrial dispute. 

20-21st March: Feminist Methodologies Symposium, Martin Hall. Confirmed speakers: Karen Schaller (UEA), Tiffany Page (Cambridge), Shirley Tate (Leeds Beckett), Karen Lumsden (LU), Line Nyhagen (LU), and Hilary Robinson (LU). Registration is open. 


23rd May: Working Lunch, 1-2 pm, Martin Hall, MHL.0.1.17B. Bring your own lunch, come and hear about our recent successes, and take part in planning the next academic year.  

British Association for Contemporary Literary Studies (BACLS), What Happens Now? Conference, 10th-12 July 2018. There will be a Gendered Lives stream at the conference. More details soon!