Events for 2016-2017

All our events are open to researchers at all levels.


2nd November: Trans Lives reading group, 12-1 pm, Manzoni K105 (if you’d like to come along, contact us and we can send you the reading).

2nd November: working lunch (bring your own!),  1-2 pm, Manzoni K105.

30th November, research seminar, 2-4 pm, Martin Hall N.0.07.

Zara Dinnen (English, Birmingham), ‘An intersectional gender politics of hacking in Furious 7 and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo‘. 

Rachael Grew (Art History, Loughborough), ‘Monstrous’ Bodies: Subverting Gender Binaries in Surrealist Art’.


22nd February, research seminar,  2-4 pm, Martin Hall, MHL.1.17A.

Katherine Johnson (Psychology, Brighton). 

Gemma Witcomb (Psychology, Loughborough).

Titles and abstracts will go up on the blog in due course. 

29th March, working lunch,  1-2 pm,  Martin Hall, MHL.0.07. 

29th March, PGR research-in-progress presentations, 3-5 pm, Martin Hall, MHL.0.07. 


3rd May, research seminar, 2-4 pm, Martin Hall, MHL.0.07.

Jana Funke (Medical Humanities, Exeter).

Sarah Parker (English, Loughborough).  

Titles and abstracts are available here

24th May, working lunch, 1-2 pm, room MHL 1.17A.