Gendered Lives Mini-Profile: Sophie-Louise Hyde

Sophie Louise Hyde
Both a creative entrepreneur and emerging poet, Sophie-Louise is working on a part-creative PhD project, for which she was awarded a Glendonbrook Fellowship and expects to complete in 2016-17. Initiated in 2013, Sophie’s research explores the techniques of verbatim in poetry in order to create a ground-breaking body of work that will demonstrate practice as research. 
An example of life-writing, Verbatim poetry takes its form, originally, from the techniques of verbatim theatre which ’employs (largely or exclusively) tape-recorded material from the “real-life” originals of its characters and events’ (Paget, 1987, p.317). Sophie’s series of 28 verbatim poems, entitled United We Stand, examines the experiences of individuals and communities in Birmingham during the riots across England in 2011 and is a contemporary example of this form. These poems interrupt and reconstruct individual and community narratives about these events, in a bid to transform voice and demonstrate both the re-performing of the nation and the creation of imagined communities in this context.
Her academic interests are in Creative Writing and contemporary poetry. In particular, the work of prose poet Bhanu Kapil Rider, forms of landscape poetry and the use of digital technologies have all been motivation for her work. Sophie’s poetry has been selected for publication in some really original works, including Petrie 66 (‘The Rebel’, 2015) and The Worcester Journal (‘August 10th 2011’ and ‘On Monday Night’, 2016). 
She has taught on both Creative Writing and Introduction to Poetry modules at Loughborough University and her vested interest in life-writing and narrative led her to become an active member of the Gendered Lives Research Group. Sophie will be reading some of her poems and introducing the group to her work at the upcoming Postgraduate Research Seminar on 4th May. When Sophie is not writing poetry or exploring community, she can be found running online platform for students and graduates, The Student Wordsmith. 


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