PhD Work-in-Progress Seminar, Weds 4th May

Wednesday 4th May, 4 pm in NN.0.07 Martin Hall

We are pleased to be hearing from five researchers for this seminar, each of whom will give a ten minute presentation on their thesis, or an aspect of it, and then take 5 minutes of questions. 

Sarah Green (Art), ‘Make Space for Men: the wellbeing benefits of the textile crafts for men’. 

Sophie-Louise Hyde (English/Creative Writing), ‘The 2011 Birmingham Riots: Verbatim Poetry as Contemporary Life Writing’.

Sian Lewis (Sociology), ‘Experiences and Perceptions of Sexual Harassment on the London Underground Network’.

Hazel McMichael (Art/English), ‘Listening to a Multisensory Mouth’.

Jenna Townend (English Literature): ‘Literary imitation, seventeenth-century devotional poetry, and women’s manuscript writing.’

All welcome! 

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