Gendered Lives is a multi-disciplinary research group at Loughborough University which has been established to bring together those researching gender, how it is experienced, and how it is represented in personal documents and cultural objects. This encompasses disciplines whose researchers: use interviews or life-narratives; build therapeutics or create performances based upon life-accounts; study diaries, letters, and other personal documents; and who examine representations of life, such as auto/biographies and portraiture.

The group has members from across the University, including from English, History, Sociology, Art, Media Studies, Political Thought, Engineering and Biology. Researchers at all levels and from all disciplines welcome. We are also interested in building affiliations with other research groups with similar interests at different institutions and with activist and LGBTQI groups. Please get in touch through our contact pages if you think you would like to be affiliated with us.

The Gendered Lives Research Group is chaired by Jennifer Cooke.